Tour Operator in Latin America: List of Upcoming Festivals and Events for your Brazil Tour

Brazil is known as one of the best countries for festivals. As one of the South American countries, Brazil is a part of Latin America that is known for its festive celebrations and annual events. Tourist can visit the vibrant country-Brazil at any time of the year to be a part of the world famous carnival, festivals and many different events. If you want to enjoy a memorable Brazil tour, you should trust on a reputable tour operator in Latin America.

In order to spice up your Brazil tour, find below the upcoming festivals or events you should not miss during the trip. Please have a look!!

1. Festribal Juruti 2017 (Date and Venue are Unconfirmed):

This is a folkloric festival, which signifies celebrating Brazil’s indigenous culture. In this festival, two flocloricas associations (like the Muirapinima and the Munduruku tribe) eagerly compete for the title of champion Festribal. This is an open-air theater festival where the performances are in the form of music and dance. It will be a delight to watch this festival on your upcoming Brazil tour.

Festival Juruti 2017

2. Rio Book Fair (31st Aug- 10th Sep 2017):

Venue: Riocentro Convention Centre

This is one of the Brazil’s most important literary events, which is listed as a not-to-be-missed occasion. For book lovers and eager readers, the Rio Book Fair will provide a wonderful opportunity to meet their favorite and world famous writers. Attending the Rio International Book Fair will prove to be an exciting fun-packed family holiday in Brazil. At this festival of culture, literature, and education, as an audience, you will get a chance to join the discussions and chats with the famous cultural celebrities and indulge in a broad range of entertaining activities that encourages reading.

To get more information about this festival, you can browse through this url:!

3. Art Rio (Date and Venue are Unconfirmed):

This is an annual celebration of the arts, which is held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Art Rio showcases an epic lineup of colorful, lively, complex and unique artwork that are made by emerging and renowned Brazilian artists and foreign talents. By being a part of this festival on your Brazil tour, you can witness a wide range of breathtaking art exhibits.

Art Rio

4. Rock in Rio Brasil (15th Sep-17th Sep 2017 and 21st Sep-24th Sep 2017):

Venue: Rock City

For every music lover, being a part of this upcoming event on their Brazil tour will create a memorable experience. You can catch up on a lifetime’s worth music event in Brazil by being a part of a week-long celebration of rock music. The top performers of the Rock in Rio event are Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Bon Jovi, Tears for Fears and some more eminent performers from the industry.

Rock in Rio Brasil

Contact an experienced tour operator in Latin America- Ada Tours to get the exact details and all information about the upcoming festivals or events that will help in planning a wonderful Brazil tour with family and friends. As a reliable Latin America tour operator, we will provide you a customized Brazil tour package that suits your requirement and budget. Our main aim is to provide you the utmost level of comfort and convenience during the tour that will ensure a pleasant travel experience.

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Traveling with a Latin America Tour Operator – 5 Places to Visit

Traveling is the most enriching experience a human being can ever have! Definitely, people who travel more often own an incalculable treasure to cherish throughout their life!

When it comes to traveling to Latin America, there are multitude arrays of attractions you have to see. To help you out, we’ve narrowed down a few options.

Planning a Visit in Latin America – 5 Best Places to visit

1. Rio De Janeiro –

With samba-fueled nightlife, exciting football matches and golden beaches, the awe-inspiring city of Rio de Janeiro attracts locals and tourists. Usually, Rio’s beaches and forest waterfalls give visitors an amazing opportunity to admire the city’s abundance. On clear sunny day, you can discover the iconic landmarks like Sugarloaf Mountain, Ipanema beach and Corcovado with a reliable tour operator in Latin America. Moreover, Rio has a plenty of things to offer those willing to dig Latin American land a little deeper!

Rio De Janeiro

2. Machu Picchu –

Many visitors traveling Peru and even South Africa should include a visit to the Inca City of Machu Picchu – which will become the highlight of their trip to South Africa. Hidden high within Peru’s green Andes Mountains, this destination is the best known archaeological site across Latin America. Despite the great tourist influx, Machu Picchu manages to retain the ultimate grandeur and mystery. This is why it’s a must-see for visitors – who are seeking for a Classic Peru experience.

Classic Peru

3. Lake Titicaca –
According to Andean,  Lake Titicaca  is considered as the birthplace of the Sun. South America’s highest lake is home to a number of indigenous tribes called “Uros” that still dress in traditional clothes and live on islands made of hay. With the contrast of blue skies, Lake Titicaca continues to enthrall its audiences. Consider visiting Lake Titicaca on your Great South America Tour !

Great South America Tour 2017

4. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador –
See giant turtles and species that you won’t find anywhere else in the world on the beautiful volcanic island surrounded by the deep blue sea.

5. Havana –

Enjoy the capital city of Cuba, with Rum, retro cars and beautiful beaches. Discover the many islands, the incredible history or dance salsa in the streets of Havana. You shouldn’t go to Cuba when you’re looking for answers. Instead, just come with an open mind and prepare yourself to Explore Cuba!

capital city of Cuba

Conclusion –
Interested in visiting these sights on vacation? Let Latin America tour operator of Ada Tours personalize your travel preferences and design a custom-made tour package best suiting into your budget! Stay connected with us through Facebook, Twitter and Google+ social networks!

Explore Latin America with Tour Operator in Brazil

You may be looking to explore the iconic attractions of Latin America during a comfortable stay. Do you desire to spend a relaxing holiday in Latin American countries such as Brazil, Chile, Argentina or Uruguay or enjoy remarkable adventure in Paraguay, Colombia or Bolivia, professional assistance can be ensured through a specialized tour operator of Latin America. Their extensive knowledge and tour arrangement will add to your expedition in Latin American, which has many interesting jungles, backwoods wetlands and snow-capped mountains to look at, not to forget pre-Columbian remnants and colonial city locations.

Exploring Latin America at its best, requires perfect tour guidance and assistance, transportation and accommodation arrangements for traveling around the stunning beaches and relaxing in countryside cottages and spas surrounded by nature. You can head to the right direction in Latin America with a tour operator who is specialized and provides custom tailor packages with luxury options for making a lovely trip to anywhere in South America.

Latin America

Specialized tour operators in Latin America are many who can work on custom itineraries and make your holiday awesome with special fleet, hotel accommodation and budget.

If you want your hotel accommodation and transportation to be confirmed before departure to Latin America, any of the specialized tour operators from Latin America can be booked. With long years of experience in organizing Latin American tours and finding luxury hotels and restaurants of exceptional character, they can make your exploration enjoyable and convenient at all time. Whether it is a road tour to amazing sites, fly-drives to exclusive hill top areas, engaging city tours or safe transportation to tourist spots in Latin America, tour operators keep ready with immediate support, saving you from the danger of paying surcharges.

Guided tours in Latin America
Guided tours are perfect for safety and comfort of first time travelers to Latin America who come alone or in a group. The tour operator in Latin America offers a skillful and dedicated guide to help in every stage of their journey and make it memorable. It can also respond to the needs of an event coordinator required to manage any international event organized in Latin America.

Custom-tailor and special tours
Specialized tour operator in Latin America can smartly and quickly arrange custom-tailored trips including special tours like wine tours of Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, gastronomical trips, cultural trips, wildlife tours, birdwatching, fishing and diving tours etc on demand.

Guided tours in Latin America

From comprehensive tour packages to tailor made trips, Latin America tour operator has every option to ensure a perfectly enjoyable holiday in every season. To experience a purely comfortable and safe tour in and around Latin America, Ada Tours can be relied on. It is a registered and specialized tour operator assisting customers in Latin America with lots of pleasure and protection.

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