Rio de Janeiro Tour Operators

Brazil is a gigantic country and its vast size can intimidate those planning a trip to it. The number of appealing destinations is endless. The first or single trip to entire Brazil may not be cover all at once. No doubt this spectacular country will provide the most captivating places and natural spectacles as well as some of the best beaches in the world to explore! Going beyond all potentials a stunning mix of natural spectacles in Brazil promises to offer you a remarkable travel experience. Brazil Tour Companies are the best resources to meet your travel desire true and will make your trips for a tremendous reward of your vacation time

Travel-Friendly weather, hard to beat Rio’s and Sao Paulo setting is, overlooking the Guanabara Bay, thousands of long white beaches that stretch along Brazil’s shoreline attract millions of visitors every year. The natural wonders and lush green mountains, including Sugarloaf and Corcovado and much more make Brazil the most relaxing place to visit and explore. Brazil boasts more than sixty national parks, dozens of monuments, including one of the New Seven Wonders of the New World Christ the Redeemer. Rio de Janeiro Tour Operators will make your trips throughout these attractions to create one of the most appealing and exciting journeys to Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro Tour Operators

Rio de Janeiro Tour Operators will offer you the exclusive city tour include visits to all the highlights, to experience the picture-perfect views of the magical cityscape of Rio. The private guides from Brazil Tour Companies will also take you to more cultural and authentic landmarks with added flexibility and happen in this vibrant city. Sao Paulo has so much to offer, from its fascinating mix of cultures and enchanting authenticity with its implausible restaurants and world-famous nightlife and its impressive attractions.

Brazil Tour Companies will transport you to the paradise of the astonishing natural wonder of Iguazu falls that straddle Brazil and Argentina that is truly impressive for many visitors and a must-see in Brazil. In the rainy season the falling water thunders down to create a series of cascades, the jungle surrounds you with sounds, smells and iridescent butterflies will create a breath-taking view of Iguazu falls. Take an opportunity of boat ride adventure through, up to and around the waterfalls for a close encounter where you can feel the sprinkle of cold water for an unbelievable experience.

Brazil’s Amazon is perhaps the most iconic destination in the world. The infinite carpet of green stretches from the Andes mountains right across to Brazil’s Atlantic coast, the steamy river port city Manaus, the rustic and luxurious jungle lodges are the perfect base to explore the Amazon. Here you will stagger with a variety of wildlife, the echoing call of the howler monkey, spot Pink River dolphins, anacondas, piranhas, deer, tapirs, giant otters, anacondas, jaguars, herons, hawks and much more to see.

Brazil’s Amazon

At Ada Tours, our focus is on private and exclusive experiences from traverse to explore the entire continent, private dinner’s experiences. All our Brazilian safari trips are tailor-made and shaped on a bespoke basis to suit your particular taste and desire. You can rest assured on the advice from our professional team, knowing that they will take good care of all clients. For inspiration and trip ideas, feel free to call us (+55) 21 34356408 or visit our website today!


Useful Tips On How To Make Your Latin America Trip A Convenient One

Latin America is a wonderful destination, a different world full of traditions, cultures, history, natural and artificial wonders, all of these and much more have formed the continent into what it’s now. There’s a big difference about touring in Latin America compared to somewhere like Southeast Asia or other places.

Being a leading Latin America tour operator, we think it is our responsibility to help you to make your vacation a convenient and comfortable one.

Latin America Tour

Learn basic Spanish: Being able to speak some basic Spanish will help you on your trip and your experience with thecountry, your attachment to the people & more essentially splitting yourself from the masses of coach-trip travelers do not understand anything, will be for a lifetime.

Stay fit & healthy: The range of climates you will experience in Latin America can be tough for your body. You could be easily at sea level in Lima one day, then catch a bus to Cusco in the afternoon, where you discover yourself sick and dizzy from the absence of oxygen at 3000m. Always try to keep yourself in good shape, drink much clean water & eat healthy food as often as feasible. The healthier you’re the better you will be able to handle the adverse climate conditions and enjoy your trip.

Always bring dollars: Yes, it’s true that those small pieces of green paper can do magic. In fact, the best value exchange rate you will obtain is from US Dollars to local currency because people want them more than Pounds or Euros. At present, with the worth of dollar increasing, Latin America is the most affordable place to tour the globe.

Meet the locals: The finest way to get to know a destination is to get to know its people, what they eat, how they live, where they love to hang out, etc. There’re ways to connect with indigenous folks on a one-to-one level & get a bit closer to true, local life.

It all starts with a good route planning, thinking about your hotel, and stay safe and healthy which is best guided by the tour operator in Latin America.

City tour

Let us plan and organize your perfect tour of Latin America! We’ll take care of all the details from small to large with theutmost professionalism. Ada Tours is an incoming tour operator known in the Brazil tourism industry for its useful list of holiday offers and top quality customer service.

Enjoy Rio de Janeiro Highlights with South American Tour Operators

Introducing Rio de Janeiro –
Welcome to the Cidade Maravilhosa – Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian city is blessed with golden beaches, spectacular lush mountains, samba full vibrant nightlife scene and obviously the city delights of football matches with a reputed South American Tour Operators makes a great difference to your tour.

Whatever your travel desire – be it cycling alongside lakes or beaches, sailing, surfing, rock climbing or indulging in urban landscapes – the cityscapes of Rio de Janeiro has everything on offer to appeal clients.
No matter what, Rio de Janeiro has endless enjoyment opportunities to please travel desires of clients of every kind.

Rio de Janeiro

Planning a Trip to Rio de Janeiro…
Are you heading to Rio de Janeiro? Planning a vacation? Wherever you visit the Brazilian city, hiring one of the best South America tour operators is a must.

But how do enjoy the best of Rio de Janeiro highlights with tour operators in South America?

Don’t worry; we will help you out. Take a look at the top picks of sightseeing delights of Rio de Janeiro and make a perfect choice to get the most out of your vacation:

Corcovado Mountain
Corcovado – means “Hunchback” in the Portuguese language, is a magnificence located in the central Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It’s a 710-metre granite peak located in the Tijuca Forest – a national park in Brazil. Sometimes, Corvocado is confused with nearby Sugarloaf Mountain.

Once called as Pinaculo da Tentacao – translates to “Pinnacle of Temptation” has been enjoying a great degree of protection for the presence of Tijuca Forest.

However, Corcovado Mountain is noteworthy, not only for its natural beauty and prime positioning but for the globally recognized statue – Christ The Redeemer. Don’t worry about the places, just consult with a reliable South American Tour Operators and bring the destinations to your South America tour itinerary.

Corcovado Mountain

Christ The Redeemer
Standing with His arms spread, casting a watchful eye over the city of Rio from the tall 710meter on the Corcovado Mountain – Christ The Redeemer is one of the most popular, often photographed monuments around Brazil.

Christ The Redeemer has been crowned one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and is the fourth-largest statue of the Jesus around the world. The largest statue of the Christ is Christ The King Statue in West Poland. Your South American Tour operators guide you about these destinations.

Christ The Redeemer

Copacabana Beach –
Extending around four kilometers, the Copacabana Beach is a magnificent confluence of land and sea. It’s blessed with a flurry of activities along its length – starting from over-amped soccer players singing their team’s national anthem, Cariocas – the inhabitants of Rio and tourists lining for caipirinhas at kiosks, favela kids showing off their soccer skills, to beach vendors shouting their wares amongst the tanned beach bodies.

Copacabana Beach

Pao de Acucar Mountain –
From the Pao de Acucar Mountain or the Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio de Janeiro is seen as a Cidade Maravilhosa – Marvelous City. However, the sunset from the Sugarloaf on a clear day is the most rewarding experience.

Atop the Sugarloaf Mountain, the city of Rio de Janeiro unfolds beneath you, with Corcovado Mountain and Cristo Redentor (Christ The Redeemer) off to the west, and the Copacabana Beach to the south.

Pao de Acucar Mountain

Praia Vermelha –
Boasting picturesque spectacles of Sugarloaf Mountain, Praia Vermelha is probably the most idyllic beach wonder around the city of Rio de Janeiro. It’s located between Morro da Urca and Morro da Babilonia in the safest area of Urca. South American tour operators give you many such attractions, iconic landmarks, hidden islands to your vacation tour of your choice.

Praia Vermelha

The small oasis of tranquility and beauty is more often known as Red Beach. It’s due to the reason that the beach becomes flushed with red during sunset.

Conclusion –
I hope you might have got the sightseeing delights to experience the most with tour operators in South America. What are you waiting for?

It’s time to book Rio de Janeiro Highlights through one of the best South American tour operators – Ada Tours and get the best out of your holiday.

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South American Tour Operator: The Best Time to Travel and Explore South America

The scintillating and unparalleled beauty of South America will take your breath away. South America is blessed with some of the fascinating destinations where you can find dramatic landscapes, gorgeous natural wonders, vibrant people and rich cultural heritage. Do you want to plan a wonderful tour to South America? Then rely on a South American tour operator to know the best time to travel and have the utmost fun. South America is a vast continent where there are thousands of regionalized weather system, ecosystems, and geologically different areas, for which it is important to consider the right time of the year to explore some of its stunning destinations. This will help in making your South America tour enjoyable and memorable.

South American Tour

To plan an extraordinary adventure with a reliable tour operator in South America here is a useful guide about the best time to travel and explore the marvelous continent!

1. January:

If you want to enjoy the beautiful summer in the South, then it will be ideal to visit the southern tip of South America like:

Patagonia: In January, here you will experience vibrant life and an exciting hiking adventure.

Torres del Paine: In the month of January, here you will get an opportunity to stand in awe at the spectacle- Perito Moreno glacier, enjoy the views of Mt Fitzroy and indulge in countless activities in and around the stunning Bariloche.

For an exceptionally unique and once-in-a-lifetime adventure, you can head on to Easter Island or take an expedition cruise to Antarctica.

2. February:

The month of February gives you an opportunity to catch the carnival fever and hit the beach in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro- Brazil’s capital is one of the most sought-after South American destinations that attract a huge number of tourists and travelers from all around who are crazy about its carnival wave. If you want to enjoy a whirlwind tour of this incredibly expansive and enticing country at the heart of summer, then planning a Brazil tour in February will prove to be worth.

3. March:

To take the advantage of the dry season-March, you can explore the Cloud Forests of Costa Rica, Chile’s Atacama Desert, and Bolivia’s Salar Uyuni. With clear skies and wonderfully dry days, March makes your travel to South America very rewarding. It is also believed that March is perfect for the budget-conscious travelers, as you will get fantastic deals on flights, tours, and accommodations.

4. April:

This month is perfect to explore two of the South America’s most revered meccas like the spectacular Galapagos in Ecuador and Peru’s mystical Machu Picchu.

5. May and June:

You can plan your South America trip during the month of May- June to explore the Peru, Bolivia and Northern Chile.

6. July and August:
During this period, you can consider exploring the lesser-visited Bolivian Amazon to experience an incredible journey.

7. September:

In the month of September, South America blooms to life. Make sure to contact a reliable South American tour operator plan for visiting Brazil’s thriving and vibrant destination- Rio de Janeiro, which is absolutely resplendent during this month.

8. October:

Perfect month to visit Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and more countries to witness cultural and historical highlights, explore the beaches and have the utmost fun.

9. November and December:

You can explore South America’s best destinations during this period to indulge in many exciting and adventurous activities like hiking, horse-riding, scuba diving, biking, kayaking and more. Normally in the month of December, South America becomes an ultimate oyster, as it’s all destinations offer immense rewards.

Tour Operators South America

Whether you want to enjoy a Brazil tour, Argentina tour or explore any other fascinating country, it is always important to rely on a professional and reliable South American tour operator- Ada Tour to get a well-planned, customized and affordable package. As a trustworthy and competent tour operator in South America, we specialize in providing a wide variety of tour packages to explore the fascinating countries in a convenient and comfortable way.

For booking a customized South America tour package, please contact us today at (+55) 21 34356408!

Tour Operator in Latin America: List of Upcoming Festivals and Events for your Brazil Tour

Brazil is known as one of the best countries for festivals. As one of the South American countries, Brazil is a part of Latin America that is known for its festive celebrations and annual events. Tourist can visit the vibrant country-Brazil at any time of the year to be a part of the world famous carnival, festivals and many different events. If you want to enjoy a memorable Brazil tour, you should trust on a reputable tour operator in Latin America.

In order to spice up your Brazil tour, find below the upcoming festivals or events you should not miss during the trip. Please have a look!!

1. Festribal Juruti 2017 (Date and Venue are Unconfirmed):

This is a folkloric festival, which signifies celebrating Brazil’s indigenous culture. In this festival, two flocloricas associations (like the Muirapinima and the Munduruku tribe) eagerly compete for the title of champion Festribal. This is an open-air theater festival where the performances are in the form of music and dance. It will be a delight to watch this festival on your upcoming Brazil tour.

Festival Juruti 2017

2. Rio Book Fair (31st Aug- 10th Sep 2017):

Venue: Riocentro Convention Centre

This is one of the Brazil’s most important literary events, which is listed as a not-to-be-missed occasion. For book lovers and eager readers, the Rio Book Fair will provide a wonderful opportunity to meet their favorite and world famous writers. Attending the Rio International Book Fair will prove to be an exciting fun-packed family holiday in Brazil. At this festival of culture, literature, and education, as an audience, you will get a chance to join the discussions and chats with the famous cultural celebrities and indulge in a broad range of entertaining activities that encourages reading.

To get more information about this festival, you can browse through this url:!

3. Art Rio (Date and Venue are Unconfirmed):

This is an annual celebration of the arts, which is held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Art Rio showcases an epic lineup of colorful, lively, complex and unique artwork that are made by emerging and renowned Brazilian artists and foreign talents. By being a part of this festival on your Brazil tour, you can witness a wide range of breathtaking art exhibits.

Art Rio

4. Rock in Rio Brasil (15th Sep-17th Sep 2017 and 21st Sep-24th Sep 2017):

Venue: Rock City

For every music lover, being a part of this upcoming event on their Brazil tour will create a memorable experience. You can catch up on a lifetime’s worth music event in Brazil by being a part of a week-long celebration of rock music. The top performers of the Rock in Rio event are Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Bon Jovi, Tears for Fears and some more eminent performers from the industry.

Rock in Rio Brasil

Contact an experienced tour operator in Latin America- Ada Tours to get the exact details and all information about the upcoming festivals or events that will help in planning a wonderful Brazil tour with family and friends. As a reliable Latin America tour operator, we will provide you a customized Brazil tour package that suits your requirement and budget. Our main aim is to provide you the utmost level of comfort and convenience during the tour that will ensure a pleasant travel experience.

To reach us, please feel free to give a call today (+55) 21 34356408!

Traveling with a Latin America Tour Operator – 5 Places to Visit

Traveling is the most enriching experience a human being can ever have! Definitely, people who travel more often own an incalculable treasure to cherish throughout their life!

When it comes to traveling to Latin America, there are multitude arrays of attractions you have to see. To help you out, we’ve narrowed down a few options.

Planning a Visit in Latin America – 5 Best Places to visit

1. Rio De Janeiro –

With samba-fueled nightlife, exciting football matches and golden beaches, the awe-inspiring city of Rio de Janeiro attracts locals and tourists. Usually, Rio’s beaches and forest waterfalls give visitors an amazing opportunity to admire the city’s abundance. On clear sunny day, you can discover the iconic landmarks like Sugarloaf Mountain, Ipanema beach and Corcovado with a reliable tour operator in Latin America. Moreover, Rio has a plenty of things to offer those willing to dig Latin American land a little deeper!

Rio De Janeiro

2. Machu Picchu –

Many visitors traveling Peru and even South Africa should include a visit to the Inca City of Machu Picchu – which will become the highlight of their trip to South Africa. Hidden high within Peru’s green Andes Mountains, this destination is the best known archaeological site across Latin America. Despite the great tourist influx, Machu Picchu manages to retain the ultimate grandeur and mystery. This is why it’s a must-see for visitors – who are seeking for a Classic Peru experience.

Classic Peru

3. Lake Titicaca –
According to Andean,  Lake Titicaca  is considered as the birthplace of the Sun. South America’s highest lake is home to a number of indigenous tribes called “Uros” that still dress in traditional clothes and live on islands made of hay. With the contrast of blue skies, Lake Titicaca continues to enthrall its audiences. Consider visiting Lake Titicaca on your Great South America Tour !

Great South America Tour 2017

4. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador –
See giant turtles and species that you won’t find anywhere else in the world on the beautiful volcanic island surrounded by the deep blue sea.

5. Havana –

Enjoy the capital city of Cuba, with Rum, retro cars and beautiful beaches. Discover the many islands, the incredible history or dance salsa in the streets of Havana. You shouldn’t go to Cuba when you’re looking for answers. Instead, just come with an open mind and prepare yourself to Explore Cuba!

capital city of Cuba

Conclusion –
Interested in visiting these sights on vacation? Let Latin America tour operator of Ada Tours personalize your travel preferences and design a custom-made tour package best suiting into your budget! Stay connected with us through Facebook, Twitter and Google+ social networks!

Explore Latin America with Tour Operator in Brazil

You may be looking to explore the iconic attractions of Latin America during a comfortable stay. Do you desire to spend a relaxing holiday in Latin American countries such as Brazil, Chile, Argentina or Uruguay or enjoy remarkable adventure in Paraguay, Colombia or Bolivia, professional assistance can be ensured through a specialized tour operator of Latin America. Their extensive knowledge and tour arrangement will add to your expedition in Latin American, which has many interesting jungles, backwoods wetlands and snow-capped mountains to look at, not to forget pre-Columbian remnants and colonial city locations.

Exploring Latin America at its best, requires perfect tour guidance and assistance, transportation and accommodation arrangements for traveling around the stunning beaches and relaxing in countryside cottages and spas surrounded by nature. You can head to the right direction in Latin America with a tour operator who is specialized and provides custom tailor packages with luxury options for making a lovely trip to anywhere in South America.

Latin America

Specialized tour operators in Latin America are many who can work on custom itineraries and make your holiday awesome with special fleet, hotel accommodation and budget.

If you want your hotel accommodation and transportation to be confirmed before departure to Latin America, any of the specialized tour operators from Latin America can be booked. With long years of experience in organizing Latin American tours and finding luxury hotels and restaurants of exceptional character, they can make your exploration enjoyable and convenient at all time. Whether it is a road tour to amazing sites, fly-drives to exclusive hill top areas, engaging city tours or safe transportation to tourist spots in Latin America, tour operators keep ready with immediate support, saving you from the danger of paying surcharges.

Guided tours in Latin America
Guided tours are perfect for safety and comfort of first time travelers to Latin America who come alone or in a group. The tour operator in Latin America offers a skillful and dedicated guide to help in every stage of their journey and make it memorable. It can also respond to the needs of an event coordinator required to manage any international event organized in Latin America.

Custom-tailor and special tours
Specialized tour operator in Latin America can smartly and quickly arrange custom-tailored trips including special tours like wine tours of Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, gastronomical trips, cultural trips, wildlife tours, birdwatching, fishing and diving tours etc on demand.

Guided tours in Latin America

From comprehensive tour packages to tailor made trips, Latin America tour operator has every option to ensure a perfectly enjoyable holiday in every season. To experience a purely comfortable and safe tour in and around Latin America, Ada Tours can be relied on. It is a registered and specialized tour operator assisting customers in Latin America with lots of pleasure and protection.

To find the latest details regarding its Latin American Trips, keep connected to it on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Five Off The Beaten Track- Brazilian Destinations That You’ll Love To Explore

When it comes to tour Brazil, most likely you’ll think about  Salvador, Rio de Jeneiro or  São Paulo, but the Country has a lot more to offer in terms of tourism. There’re a great number of small towns & isolated destinations that have their own unique history & atmosphere. Here, I have listed some must-visit places in Brazil that you might not know yet:

Foz do Iguaçu, Parana:
One of the most popular natural heritages in Brazil, this national park is placed in the State of Paraná and it covers a massive 185 thousand hectares in terms of dimension. This park also features the largest forest area in South America, and there’s an incredible number of flora & fauna to be explored. The park is so massive that just 0.3 % of it is opened to tourists. So there is so much to explore.


Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul:
Brazil isn’t just about its incredible beaches, it has a lot to offer, for example, the small and woodsy village, Gramado. Placed in the state of  Rio Grande do Sul,  Gramado is a must visit for tourists in Brazil. It is a tinny mountain resort that possess an European sense, very similar too a Swiss mountain village.

Ipojuca, Pernambuco:
Want to enjoy some time under the sun at some of the finest beaches in Brazil? If yes, then ask your tour operator in Brazil to add Ipojuca. There are so many activities to be enjoyed here from surfing to diving and kayaking.  Indeed, Ipojuca is a bliss for travelers searching for active holiday under the sun.

Sitting on the perfect- picture Ilha de Santa Catarina which has a coastline with over 42 beaches, from wild & windy to idyllic & untouched-  Florianopolis is with no doubt one of the most beautiful cities of Brazil.


There are many German and European influences in this city. Come and explore this diverse metropol.

Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais:
An ancient emigrant mining town placed pretty close to the city of Belo Horizonte, and enclosed by the mountains of  Serra do Espinhaço, Ouro Preto is worth exploring when you are in Brazil. The narrow & crooked boulevards of this city are packed with splendid  Baroque-styled constructions and artworks by popular Brazilian artists. It is an excellent place to learn about the nation’s history, while admiring a stunning landscape.

Let Ada Tours be your next Brazil tour operator and get the chance to explore Brazil the best way possible. To know more about our offerings, get in touch with us at (+55) 21 3435 6408 or !

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Five Reasons You Should Consider an Inbound Tour Operator in Brazil

Embracing the great Amazon River, the wild party town of Rio de Janeiro where the greatest carnival festival of the world takes place, enjoy the most magnificent beaches on our planet earth. Life In Brazil never gets boring where the lively natives are known for enjoying life to the fullest. They not just feel happy with their life but also like to share their fascinating homeland with tourists from all over the world.

Brazil is the most desired tourist spot in Latin America where every dream exploration including exotic destinations like Ouro Preto, Iguaçu Falls, Salvador’s Pelourinho, Brasilia’s Modernist Architecture and Rio de Janeiro can become a reality. A Brazil tour can be simple, hassle-free and enjoyable with the assistance of an inbound tour operator in Brazil who creates exceptional tour packages with custom itineraries in Latin America. There are many Brazil tour operators claiming to have solid options for tourists for serving them an ultimate experience. The most efficiently performing inbound tour operators in Brazil will be able to ensure you great excitement and comfort in your tour. Let’s find out some important reasons to consider using an inbound tour operator in Brazil.

Brazil Tour

1. Qualified and established tour operator in Brazil – Most of the inbound tour operators in Brazil are licensed members of national tourism bodies and have been successfully involved in offering Brazil tours for many years, ensuring satisfaction and convenience to customers throughout the journey.

2. Great local knowledge and successful tour management power – The inbound tour operators are aware of Brazil’s history and far more successful in allowing tourists economic tour packages without any compromise on quality of tour experiences, activities, attractions and luxury/comfort offered to them. They can ensure great value at every stage of tour and travel.

3. Diverse choices in accommodation, entertainment, venues etc- The Brazil tour operators with specialization in inbound tours offer different choices in accommodation, venues, entertainment and transport. These choices are mostly reliable and assure to give customers a memorable experience in inbound tour.

4. Custom tour options based on special interests – The inbound tour operators in Brazil deliver customized tours based on special interest of customers. They focus on to ensure the most enjoyable tours custom tailored to client’s needs. By doing the thorough background work, they can arrange a relaxing leisure tour with your special interests if required.

5. The whole groundwork – The Brazil tour operators understand the difficulties of arranging a tour in Brazil based upon your choice. From the destinations and activities to the hospitality service, these destination management companies handle everything to give away a great tour experience toyour guest and you.

Brazil tour

With all the above described reasons you may be convinced to pick up an inbound tour operator for your Brazil tour next time. For hassle free and fun filled tour experience in Brazil, contact Ada Tours, a licensed inbound tour operator in Brazil serving customer’s desires and bringing them ultimate pleasure every time.

To keep track of its newest Brazil tour offers and deals, socially connect to it on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

What Makes Brazil Such A Popular Tourist Destination

If there’s one place in the globe that you must visit once in your lifetime, then that place is Brazil. Sheltered with white sands & palm trees speckled in front of the deep blue Atlantic Ocean this lovely city has welcomed tourists for more than 500 years. Here in this post we will have a glance at what attractions really grab the attention of such a large number of visitors worldwide. So, let’s explore:

Christ the Redeemer:
Christ the Redeemer is one of the most popular traveler attractions in Brazil that attracts visitors from all over the world. The sculpture of Christ, placed in Rio de Janeiro, is positioned at the summit of Corcovado Mountain, 2,300 feet on top of the sea level. From this point, one can easily take incredible pictures of the city.

Christ the Redeemer

Immaculate Brazilian beaches:
With the 8,000km of coastlines and thousands of beaches to choose from; many of them are densely populated whereas others are preserved as the ecological sanctuaries. As a well-known South American beach destination, Brazil boasts THE most stunning, tropical beaches of the world,  offers year-round sunshine and soft, white sands. That’s the main reason why Brazil has become one of the hot spots for tourism.

Immaculate Brazilian beaches

Iguazu Falls:
Placed at the Argentina and Brazil border, the Iguacu Falls are a perfect destination if you want to explore one of Nature’s  Wonders of this World. There are 275 waterfalls. The most admired waterfall is at the end of the trail: the Devil’s Throat, which has a stature of 269 ft. Standing in front of this waterfall will be for sure one of the best experiences of your life.

Iguazu Falls

Fernando de Noronha:
Positioned in the northeast of Brazil, Fernando de Noronha is a scenic beautiful island that you should add to your travel route. The island is admired for stunning landscapes, unspoiled beaches, and a rich wildlife. If you love diving and snorkeling, then this is the place to be.

Fernando de Noronha

If you are looking for the best tour operator in Brazil, contact Ada Tours. Choose from our large variety of Brazil tour packages and be a satisfied traveler. For more information about our service, visit

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