6 Tips To Enjoy Exotic New Year 2017 In Rio de Janeiro

Planning for new year holidays? Want to get the most out of our vacation? Still thinking the place where you should go? Then choose no other than the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro!

Introducing Rio de Janeiro –
The magnificent city of Rio de Janeiro is home to golden beaches, lush mountains and spectacular football matches. In fact, walking through parks inside the city, seeing monkeys and toucans, spending the evening catching music jams around Lapa, joining friends amid the roaring crowds at Maracana and greeting the sunrise after an early morning or late night from Copacabana Beach! As a traveler in Brazil, I love the Carioca Spirit – spontaneous and good natured with the ultimate urge to live life to the fullest!
Rio de Janeiro1. Sugarloaf Mountain –
The Sugarloaf Mountain is a superb peak located in the mouth of Guanabara Bay. The name ‘Sugarloaf’ comes from its resemblance to the traditional clay moulds that refined sugar used to be transported in.

Sugarloaf Mountain
When looking from the top, you will get to enjoy awe-inspiring views; which has been appealed to Cariocas and foreigners for almost 100 years throughout the world.

2. Corcovado –
Corcovado, the scenic spot in the city of Rio de Janeiro is located at the Tijuca National Park. Having height of around 710 meters, it gives a panoramic view of sea and mountain – which is also considered as the world famous vista to be explored on the eve of new year 2017.
corcovadoHowever, the imposing statue of Christ the Redeemer located top of the Corcovado embraces the city of Rio. You will get to explore the magnificence of Rio’s beaches, Sugarloaf, the Guanabara Bay, Botafogo, Flamengo and much more sights.

3. The Brazilian Side Iguazu Falls –
When walk along the Brazilian side Iguazu Falls, you’ll find the path a bit shorter. Even if you take your time to explore, you’ll actually get just a half-day to walk. When visiting this mesmeric waterfall, be sure to give yourself plentiful time to get an incredible prospective of the falls. However, from every angle, you will get to see the panorama of cascades. If you’re seeking for an even better aerial view, you can go for a helicopter ride; which is available on the Brazilian side.
The Brazilian Side Iguazu Falls4. The Argentinian Side Iguazu Falls –
Iguazu National Park from Argentinian side is much bigger than its Brazilian counterpart, with extensive trails to walk along and some that take you right along the open water. You’ll at least need a full day or two to see it all and enjoy walking along all of its trails. When you walk along, you’ll find yourself beside the crest of a cascade. Then gradually the walkways descend at the bottom of another.
The Argentinian Side Iguazu Falls5. Manaus –
The largest city in the Amazon, Manaus is an incongruous pock of urbanity located in the middle of the jungle; which is also a major port for ocean vessels that’s 1500km from the ocean. The Amazonian rainforest has a population density half that of Mongolia; but there the journey starts in the gritty bustling metropolis. You shouldn’t need to be surprised if you feel a little out of whack.
Manaus6. Buzios –
Beautiful Buzios is located in a jutting peninsula that’s scalloped by seventeen beaches. It’s now become one of the most upscale and animated seaside destinations, filled with boutiques, finest restaurants, villas, bars and posh pousadas. Besides, the existence of narrow cobblestone streets and picturesque waterfront make Buzios as the St Tropez across Brazil. Hence, visiting this destination during new year can be the perfect decision you should take.
BuziosConclusion –
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What Makes Brazil Such A Popular Tourist Destination

If there’s one place in the globe that you must visit once in your lifetime, then that place is Brazil. Sheltered with white sands & palm trees speckled in front of the deep blue Atlantic Ocean this lovely city has welcomed tourists for more than 500 years. Here in this post we will have a glance at what attractions really grab the attention of such a large number of visitors worldwide. So, let’s explore:

Christ the Redeemer:
Christ the Redeemer is one of the most popular traveler attractions in Brazil that attracts visitors from all over the world. The sculpture of Christ, placed in Rio de Janeiro, is positioned at the summit of Corcovado Mountain, 2,300 feet on top of the sea level. From this point, one can easily take incredible pictures of the city.

Christ the Redeemer

Immaculate Brazilian beaches:
With the 8,000km of coastlines and thousands of beaches to choose from; many of them are densely populated whereas others are preserved as the ecological sanctuaries. As a well-known South American beach destination, Brazil boasts THE most stunning, tropical beaches of the world,  offers year-round sunshine and soft, white sands. That’s the main reason why Brazil has become one of the hot spots for tourism.

Immaculate Brazilian beaches

Iguazu Falls:
Placed at the Argentina and Brazil border, the Iguacu Falls are a perfect destination if you want to explore one of Nature’s  Wonders of this World. There are 275 waterfalls. The most admired waterfall is at the end of the trail: the Devil’s Throat, which has a stature of 269 ft. Standing in front of this waterfall will be for sure one of the best experiences of your life.

Iguazu Falls

Fernando de Noronha:
Positioned in the northeast of Brazil, Fernando de Noronha is a scenic beautiful island that you should add to your travel route. The island is admired for stunning landscapes, unspoiled beaches, and a rich wildlife. If you love diving and snorkeling, then this is the place to be.

Fernando de Noronha

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