Top 3 Best Places To Visit During Rio Carnival 2017

Introducing Rio Carnival 2017 –
Though Carnival (Carnaval in Portuguese) is celebrated in villages and towns around Brazil and other Catholic countries across the globe, Rio de Janeiro has been regarded as the Carnival capital of the world. The Rio Carnaval is not only the biggest carnival, but it’s a benchmark against which every other carnival is compared and is one of the most interesting artistic events around the world.

In late summer in Rio de Janeiro, from February 24th to March 1st, Rio Carnival 2017 will be celebrated by over one million visitors and its local inhabitants. With hundreds of street parties, there is plenty of exciting things to offer for everyone.

Besides Carnival extravaganze, there are a few interesting places you should visit to spice up your stay at the city of Rio de Janeiro. Take a look at the following picks and choose one that suits you the most:

Rio Carnival

The Three Best Sites To Visit During Rio Carnival 2017 –

1. The Sugar Loaf Mountain, Rio de Janeiro –
The well-recognized symbol of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the rounded rock peak of the Sugar Loaf rises up to 394 meters above the beaches and the city. Its summit is one of the most appealing places tourists visit, for getting the wonderful views of Rio and the harbor as well as for the thrill of riding in a cable car operating between the Sugar Loaf and the Morro da Urca, a lower peak from which a second cable way connects to the city.

The Sugar Loaf Mountain

2. Christ the Redeemer  –
The Christ the Redeemer statue is one of the most beautiful monuments in Brazil, located at the top of the Corcovado Mountain in the Tijuca National Forest. It’s situated 2,320 feet above the city of Rio de Janeiro. In fact, it’s approximately two-thirds the height of the Statue of Liberty’s height starting from base to torch. Offering breathtaking views, the statue introduces its visitors to a colorful history that makes the Christ the Redeemer worth exploring!

Christ the Redeemer

3. Iguaçu Falls –
The place where Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay meet, the spectacular Iguacu river drops in a semicircle of 247 waterfalls. Just above the falls, the river is narrowed to one fourth of its usual width, which makes the force of water much stronger. However, some of the falls have height over 100 meters and they cover a broad area that you’ll never see all of them once. Rest assured that, you will be able to get the broadest ever panorama from the Brazilian side. Being protected by the UNESCO acclaimed Iguacu National Park, the falls are the home to more than 1,000 birds and mammal species including ocelots, otters, deer and capybaras – all these sightings make Iguacu Falls well worth destination to explore during Rio Carnival 2017.

Iguacu Falls

Conclusion –
Do you want to visit all these sights alongside Rio Carnival celebrations? Then, get the most out of the amazing festivities at the  Rio Carnival 2017 with a Brazil tour operators at Ada Tours and explore Christ The Redeemer, Iguacu Falls and The Sugar Loaf mountain at its best. Choose Mind-Blowing Carnival 2017 In Brazil with our tour operator in Brazil and experience the full dose of fun, excitement, partying, dancing and singing in the magnificent city of Rio de Janeiro!

Rio Carnival

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Five Reasons You Should Consider an Inbound Tour Operator in Brazil

Embracing the great Amazon River, the wild party town of Rio de Janeiro where the greatest carnival festival of the world takes place, enjoy the most magnificent beaches on our planet earth. Life In Brazil never gets boring where the lively natives are known for enjoying life to the fullest. They not just feel happy with their life but also like to share their fascinating homeland with tourists from all over the world.

Brazil is the most desired tourist spot in Latin America where every dream exploration including exotic destinations like Ouro Preto, Iguaçu Falls, Salvador’s Pelourinho, Brasilia’s Modernist Architecture and Rio de Janeiro can become a reality. A Brazil tour can be simple, hassle-free and enjoyable with the assistance of an inbound tour operator in Brazil who creates exceptional tour packages with custom itineraries in Latin America. There are many Brazil tour operators claiming to have solid options for tourists for serving them an ultimate experience. The most efficiently performing inbound tour operators in Brazil will be able to ensure you great excitement and comfort in your tour. Let’s find out some important reasons to consider using an inbound tour operator in Brazil.

Brazil Tour

1. Qualified and established tour operator in Brazil – Most of the inbound tour operators in Brazil are licensed members of national tourism bodies and have been successfully involved in offering Brazil tours for many years, ensuring satisfaction and convenience to customers throughout the journey.

2. Great local knowledge and successful tour management power – The inbound tour operators are aware of Brazil’s history and far more successful in allowing tourists economic tour packages without any compromise on quality of tour experiences, activities, attractions and luxury/comfort offered to them. They can ensure great value at every stage of tour and travel.

3. Diverse choices in accommodation, entertainment, venues etc- The Brazil tour operators with specialization in inbound tours offer different choices in accommodation, venues, entertainment and transport. These choices are mostly reliable and assure to give customers a memorable experience in inbound tour.

4. Custom tour options based on special interests – The inbound tour operators in Brazil deliver customized tours based on special interest of customers. They focus on to ensure the most enjoyable tours custom tailored to client’s needs. By doing the thorough background work, they can arrange a relaxing leisure tour with your special interests if required.

5. The whole groundwork – The Brazil tour operators understand the difficulties of arranging a tour in Brazil based upon your choice. From the destinations and activities to the hospitality service, these destination management companies handle everything to give away a great tour experience toyour guest and you.

Brazil tour

With all the above described reasons you may be convinced to pick up an inbound tour operator for your Brazil tour next time. For hassle free and fun filled tour experience in Brazil, contact Ada Tours, a licensed inbound tour operator in Brazil serving customer’s desires and bringing them ultimate pleasure every time.

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Why Brazil Tour Operators are Worth Considering?

There are many exclusive destinations in Latin America that give tourists an unforgettable experience. No doubt, Brazil is the most special one amongst them which is considered to be the tropical heaven and rich cultural destination with great opportunity for enjoyment and sightseeing matching all tastes, ranging from top-class beaches and art museums to jungle camps and pulsating events like Rio’s carnival festival.

A tour to Brazil can fulfill your dream of exploring everything including Iguaçu Falls, Brasília’s Modernist Architecture, Salvador’s Pelourinho, Ouro Preto, Rio de Janeiro and many more exotic spots. You can have a memorable tour experience in Brazil. With the help of specialized Brazil tour operators who regularly manage tours to South America and Latin America your trip is guaranteed to be great. There are exceptional tour operators in Brazil bringing attractive options to visit your favorite destinations and fulfill your ultimate desire. Whether you are a small or large group or an individual, comfort and excitement will be ensured to you by the experienced and efficient Brazil tour operators.  Apart from this, there are key reasons to consider contacting tour operators in Brazil.

Brazil tour

1. Custom tailored trips for outstanding experience

It is the knowledge and expertise of tour operators that keep them ahead in serving an experience that is always superior in standard. They will focus on your own specifics and requirements to make the Brazil tour fulfilling in every aspect.

2. Stress free transfer and travel arrangement

An authorized tour operator in Brazil plans tours with professional fleet and drivers. It will ensure a highly relaxing and comfortable travel for your utmost enjoyment and excitement.

3. Quick assistance for emergency situations

Another reason for considering Brazil tour operator is proper and quick handling of emergency situations like theft, flight delay/cancellations, misplacement of luggage. In this way, your trip can be properly managed with little risk and disappointment.

4. Timely guidance and proper planning

When Brazil tour operators are licensed and experienced, they have extensive knowledge to guide you on your tour and plan it successfully. Without any delay, they can suggest you the best hotels, activities and attractions as well as options available for Brazil trips. And you will be able to feel secure and safe with their professional planning and support.

5. Quick Insight with access to maps and other details

When you need through details or map for your tour to Brazil, the tour operator in Brazil can oblige with your demand and produce them instantly to help you the best.

Brazil tour

Brazil continues to lure international tourists and nature lovers with unimaginable choice of locations. For great experience in the heavenly setting of Brazil, contact Ada Tours, a licensed tour operator in Brazil proficiently meeting travel needs of customers and bringing them memories of a lifetime.

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Top 4 Reasons To Visit Rio de Janeiro

Even if you’ve never been to Rio de Janeiro, you might be quite familiar with its amazing stretches of white sand beaches and the iconic 98 foot Christ the Redeemer statue watching over the city. Well-known as the second largest city in Brazil, it’s not a surprise that Rio de Janeiro is an ultra-popular South American destination for holidays. In short, the artificial wonders compliment the dramatic natural setting and create an extremely amazing playground for those enthusiasts who are seeking for beauty in both the land and the culture.

Wonderful Location: –

Situated on the southern shore of the picturesque Guanabara Bay, the city of Rio de Janeiro has one of the most beautiful natural settings all over the world. The spectacular beaches, dramatic mountains with an awesome backdrop of Samba as well as bossa nova rhythms make everyone fall in love with Rio de Janeiro so easily.

Rio de Janeiro

Serene Natural Wonders and Amazing Lifestyle: –

Extending around 20 kilometers along the alluring strip between an azure sea and the forest clad mountains, the streets and buildings of Rio de Janeiro have been molded around the foothill of the mountain range offering incredible backdrop; while you are out in the bay. Besides, the aerial views of Rio de Janeiro are just breathtaking and also the skyscrapers dominate the city’s skyline. As the former capital city of Brazil, Rio has recently hosted Summer Olympics 2016 and the whole city has been dancing on the tunes of Rio Olympics. Besides, Rio is home to remarkable architectural heritages, museums, galleries, superb restaurants and vibrant nightlife. With so many things to see and experience, you will find it difficult to drag yourself away from the incredible nature as well as vibrant lifestyle of Rio de Janeiro.

Natural Wonders and Amazing Lifestyle

Perfect Combination Of Natural Sights: –

Rio de Janeiro is an exceptional city in many ways. It is a magnificent city where nature collides with a vibrant metropolis. With a diverse mixture of sights, mountainous backdrops combining beautiful sandy beaches, this Brazilian city is a truly unique sight to be explored on holidays.

Enjoyable Festivities: –

Rio de Janeiro is famed for its samba clubs, scenic scenery of the ocean and delightful vibe of Carnival. No doubt, the annual Carnival Parties in Rio are an unforgettable experience where you can enjoy different customs, dance and live music.

samba clubs

Conclusion: –

Planning to visit Rio de Janeiro? Just let incoming tour operator Brazil at Ada Tours plan out your upcoming holiday tour in Brazil. As a reputable DMC in Brazil, we have gathered years of trust and reputation ensuring optimal client satisfaction and affordable travel deals.

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What Makes Brazil Such A Popular Tourist Destination

If there’s one place in the globe that you must visit once in your lifetime, then that place is Brazil. Sheltered with white sands & palm trees speckled in front of the deep blue Atlantic Ocean this lovely city has welcomed tourists for more than 500 years. Here in this post we will have a glance at what attractions really grab the attention of such a large number of visitors worldwide. So, let’s explore:

Christ the Redeemer:
Christ the Redeemer is one of the most popular traveler attractions in Brazil that attracts visitors from all over the world. The sculpture of Christ, placed in Rio de Janeiro, is positioned at the summit of Corcovado Mountain, 2,300 feet on top of the sea level. From this point, one can easily take incredible pictures of the city.

Christ the Redeemer

Immaculate Brazilian beaches:
With the 8,000km of coastlines and thousands of beaches to choose from; many of them are densely populated whereas others are preserved as the ecological sanctuaries. As a well-known South American beach destination, Brazil boasts THE most stunning, tropical beaches of the world,  offers year-round sunshine and soft, white sands. That’s the main reason why Brazil has become one of the hot spots for tourism.

Immaculate Brazilian beaches

Iguazu Falls:
Placed at the Argentina and Brazil border, the Iguacu Falls are a perfect destination if you want to explore one of Nature’s  Wonders of this World. There are 275 waterfalls. The most admired waterfall is at the end of the trail: the Devil’s Throat, which has a stature of 269 ft. Standing in front of this waterfall will be for sure one of the best experiences of your life.

Iguazu Falls

Fernando de Noronha:
Positioned in the northeast of Brazil, Fernando de Noronha is a scenic beautiful island that you should add to your travel route. The island is admired for stunning landscapes, unspoiled beaches, and a rich wildlife. If you love diving and snorkeling, then this is the place to be.

Fernando de Noronha

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Why Use an Incoming Tour Operator in Brazil?

There is no doubt that Latin America is home to many amazing destinations on this earth. It includes important locations like Brazil, which continue to be the most preferred location for visitors due to its metropolitan cities, attractive beaches and colonial sights that would leave you with a lifetime memory.

You might have heard about Itacuruça, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, and Machu Picchu in South America — these locations are indeed unavoidable for a traveler, and you may surely get interested to visit them at least once in your lifetime; but who you should consider for expert guidance while going on a trip to Latin and South America? Well, there are many professional incoming tour operators in Brazil, giving you access to attractive holiday offers and promising to exceed your every travel expectation. Whether you are visiting alone or in a small or medium group, comfort and convenience will be ensured to you at every stage of travel by a reliable incoming tour operator in Brazil. Besides all these, there are a few other reasons to opt for an incoming tour operator in Brazil. Let’s learn about them.

Tour in Brazil

1. High quality travel service from trustworthy people
An incoming tour operator is usually led by a team of trustworthy professionals who will give first priority to your satisfaction. They will support you in every aspect of your travel to make you enjoy it in the best possible manner.

2. Customization of tours
An Incoming tour operator in Brazil will draw on its experience, expertise and knowledge to make your holiday in Brazil perfectly remarkable.  Many unfamiliar travel destinations can be packaged together and managed with attention to the last minute details, to suit your individual tour requirements.

Tour in Brazil

3. Prompt handling of emergency situations
While  booking through an incoming tour operator in Brazil, you can be rest assured that all of your emergency needs will be handled promptly and with proper care. Even the best-organized tours can face problems and they will be far easier to handle when there is a qualified tour operator available on the spot.  Delays, cancellations, theft or loss of belongings are just some of the unwanted situations that would be handled with tactfully and in a fuss-free manner by an incoming tour operator.

4. First-hand information
When it comes to know the destinations included in different packages, you can have first-hand information from the incoming tour operator that would give you a brief overview.

Tour in Brazil

5. Travel advice, planning and guidance
These tour operators in Brazil never lack of local knowledge. Rather, they traveled extensively in Brazil and Latin America and stay in the luxury hotels or traditional accommodation options they commend and therefore will be capable to advice, plan and guide you with your travel.

6. Easy and Fast Bookings
It does not take more than a few clicks to select and book a travel package on an incoming tour operator’s site. It will give you direct access to packages so that you can book them without any third party involvement. For more spefic request you can always send an email.

Tour in Brazil

7. Attractive options for hotel stay
A tour operator in Brazil  negotiates with different hotels in Brazil to bring you the best choices in the available rates.

8. Information about the latest taxes and duties
To help you choose the right quote and plan your holiday properly, you will receive updates on the latest taxes and duties from the tour operator in Brazil regularly.

Brazil is now becoming a great destination for foreign tourists and wildlife lovers. For covering its most popular itineraries, contact Ada Tours, an incoming tour operator which provides professional help in coordinating and managing almost all the details that would build a memorable travel experience.

Uplift Your Vacation Dreams In Brazil at Buzio’s Picturesque Paradise

Buzios- A Brazilian Heaven with a Perfect Blend Of Sophistication and Relaxation

Having a full name of Armacao dos Buzios, the spectacular setting based on the Brazilian coast is commonly known as simply ‘Buzios’. Being located on a jutting peninsula, this splendid Brazilian destination is considered as the most upscale paradise, filled with seaside resorts, fine restaurants, luxury villas, boutiques, bards and posh pousadas. It’s a small city with a population of 20,000 inhabitants and situated around 170km away from the city of Rio de Janeiro. In simple words, the exuberant beaches, millions tourists and a cozy, yet lively downtown are the benchmarks of this magnificent city.

Remember one important thing that, Buzios can be visited throughout the year but especially  in summer the weather is wonderful. The months from November to March are considered to be the peak season.


Top Highlights That Makes Buzios a Scenic Paradise
Awe-inspiring Beaches in Buzios-The Real Heritage. Among many other well-known seaside destinations along the Brazilian coastline, the attractiveness of Buzios lies in its charming beaches. These beaches are the treasured part of this city’s heritage; but most of them are declared as environmentally protected zone with an ultimate intent of preserving them from kiosks or restaurants being built ruining up the natural richness of the sites. However, leisure activities are provided to entertain the tourists, best suiting the geographical confirmation details of beaches.


While the west coast of the Brazilian peninsula includes serene and clear waters, whereas the east coast embraces the rushing waves, offering a mesmerizing scenario for water sports enthusiasts. In fact, the west side of the peninsula is covered in rocks and luxuriant vegetation. However, the tranquil waters of this beach make it a perfect place for scuba diving and swimming.

Dining In Buzios. Hosting Gastronomic Festival on an annual basis, Buzios enjoys a wide array of international dining scene. But the cuisines available locally are of excellent quality and also must-try recipes. Focusing more on seafood based plates, local Brazilian restaurants serve dishes like grilled fish, caldeirada and moqueca. Then, the seafood stew based on all sorts of fish, from calms, to prawns, lobsters and some unusual species like sting rays, made from coconut milk and dende oil. Most restaurants also offer classic meat dishes like picanha na pedra, consisting of steak barbecued in stone. However, the paradise of Buzios can give you a great feast for foodies’ taste buds, as some of the greatest restaurants stand out in this delightful scenario.

Beach in Brazil

Vibrant Nightlife In Buzios. Buzios boasts a vibrant nightlife scene throughout the city center streets. Crowded with shops, bars and clubs, the energizing surrounding offers an ample selection of sparkling dance clubs, alluring lounge spaces and sophisticated jazz atmospheres.

Conclusion. Being definitely on the tourist list, many people with a casual knowledge of Brazil probably are not yet aware of it. It’s impossible to have a discussion about Buzios’ scenes without choosing an incoming tour operator in Brazil. It’s highly recommended to visit Buzios to catch a tan and relax on its white sand beaches with the Brazil tour operator of Ada Tours! I’m sure you’ll love the place and will love the experiences!

Don’t forget to share your experiences and thoughts in the comment section below!

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